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Why We Exist

100 million + Americans are currently struggling with a mental health issue


Don’t receive the care they need

Receive non-evidence based care

Receive care based on evidence


only 10 %

Did you know that:

Of therapists in the United States are out-of-network with insurance
6 mo.
Is how often insurance companies require an evaluation of progress
Of therapists in the US aren’t practicing evidence-based care

That means:

Is the average a therapist will cost you PER WEEK without insurance
You’ll only find out if you’re getting better twice per year
There is no scientific evidence behind the treatment you're receiving

What We Do

Aware Healthcare is creating a new mental health care system, where everyone can get the right care they deserve.

We're building a:

National provider network


Patient data platform

That makes it easy to:

Find the right therapist

Get the right care for you


What We Believe

It is no secret that our mental health care system is broken.
What is a secret is how to solve it.

At Aware Healthcare, we believe the greatest problem is not stigma or access, but measurement.

That’s why we’re on a mission to build the Thermometer for the Mind.


Not subjective


Not episodic


Not clinic-based


Not high-burden


Not one-dimensional

Pen and Paper Surveys


Thermometer for the Mind


Meet The Founder

Founder of Aware, AJ Goldstein

AJ Goldstein

Founder & CEO of Aware

AJ Goldstein is the Founder and CEO of Aware Healthcare. Prior to Aware, AJ founded and ran a six-figure profitable AI consulting group called Conscious Insights, where he helped grow 8 early-stage startups into leading digital health brands over 3 years, including Calm, Oura, and Akili. While running Conscious Insights, AJ founded and hosted a popular data science podcast called Data Journeys, where he interviewed 25 world class data scientists from 13 organizations with over $1B in annual revenue and grew a following of 50k+ in 128 countries. Originally, AJ’s career began when he started and sold his first business at 12 and 18 years old. Personally, AJ has meditated for over 1800 consecutive days, survived 3 near-death experiences abroad, and spent 4 weeks living-off-the-land with indigenous tribes. His core values are truth, courage, creativity, and introspection. And in his free time, he enjoys hiking, tennis, CrossFit, reading, writing, and cooking. Motivated by his own personal experience with the problem, AJ has committed the next decade of his life to creating a new mental health care system with Aware.

AJ's Story

“As the founder of this company, I think it’s important for me to share why mental health is so personally important to me, and how I’ve experienced the problems we’re solving first-hand.”

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Aware's Investors

Image of Story Ventures logoImage of newfund logo
Image of Jure Leskovec, Chief scientist at Pinterest

Jure Leskovec

Chief Scientist, Pinterest
Vanja Josifovski, CTO of AirBnB

Vanja Josifovski

Neil Closner, Founder of MedReleaf

Neil Closner

Founder, MedReleaf ($1B Exit)
Charlie Curie, Ex-Administrator of SAMHSA

Charley Curie

Ex-Administrator, SAMHSA
Dave Fontenot, Founder of mHacks

Dave Fontenot

Founder, MHacks
Jeff Bargmann, Founder of PhotoDrive

Jeff Bargmann

Founder, PhotoDrive
Nick Scharlatt, Founder of foothold technologies

Nick Scharlatt

Founder, Foothold Technology
Chuck Tepper, Sales Director at TelaDoc

Chuck Tepper

Sales Director, Teladoc

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