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Mental health care,
driven by data.

Aware Healthcare is the first network of therapists who use treatment based on science and data shared by patients to deliver truly personalized mental health care.

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Aware Healthcare is making the process of finding and receiving quality mental health care easier.

We're creating a new mental health care system:

With the promise of:
By building a:
National provider network
Patient data platform
That makes it easy to:
Find the right therapist
Get the right care for you

Therapy is qualitative (with words).

Aware makes it quantitative
(with numbers).

This makes therapy:


With real affordability and therapist availability.


With treatment plans customized just for you.


With defined goals and a plan for getting there.


With week-by-week progress you can assess. 
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Founder's Story

Image of AJ Goldstein, founder of Aware Healthcare

AJ Goldstein

Founder & CEO of Aware

In my search for a therapist, I asked 3 questions:

1. Do you have any availability?
2. Do you take my insurance?
3. Is your treatment based on science?

Nobody could say ‘Yes’ to all 3...

why i started aware

Who We Serve


Use Aware to get better sooner


Use Aware to grow their practices


Use Aware to lower their costs

We’re on a mission to reinvent therapy.

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