There are 4 major challenges in mental health care:

1. Finding a therapist

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to find a therapist who is available & able to meet your needs.

2. Creating a plan

Most therapeutic relationships are open-ended with no clear goals or plans for getting there.

3. Making progress

Session time is wasted on catch-up instead of focusing on the most important things.

4. Achieving goals

There is no real way to know if you’re progressing or regressing, week-to-week.

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Our network solves these problems through:

1. Personalized matching

We match you with a therapist in our network who meets your preferences and understands your needs.

2. Week-by-week plans

We create a treatment plan just for you, with measurable goals and time-bound milestones.

3. Targeted conversations

We help you direct discussion to your most pressing needs, using data you share with your therapist.

4. Measurable change

We help you assess your progress every week, so you always know if and by how much you’re getting better.

Aware allows patients to share their data with their therapists to inform their care.

Examples of devices we source:

Smart Homes
Connected Cars

Examples of measures we learn:


Length and quality of rest


Duration and intensity of movement


Depth and clarity of thought


Strength and frequency of connection


Power and capacity of function

Our promise of Access and Quality means different things to different people


1. Find your therapist

With a directory of available providers

2. Measure your progress

With week-by-week success metrics

3. Meet your match

With personalized therapist matching

4. Accelerate your recovery

With targeted conversation in sessions


1. Fill your practice

With qualified client referrals

2. Retain your clients

With personalized treatment experiences

3. Improve your payments

With higher rates and faster payments

4.Automate your backend

By offloading billing, scheduling, and paperwork


1. Cover your members

With provider supply for patient demand

2.Lower your costs

With greater patient treatment efficiency

3. Lessen overhead

With one aggregated point-of-contact

4.Control your quality

With more provider reporting transparency

Join us as we make accessing and receiving individualized mental health care easier.

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