Deliver the next generation of mental health care

Deliver the

next generation

of mental

health care.

Providers in Aware’s network are delivering a new type of data-driven and tech-enabled treatment.

Benefits of joining Aware's network:

Higher rates

Earn 10-30% higher reimbursement rates than other non-Aware providers in your region.

Personalized referrals

Receive new client referrals that are pre-screened to meet your preferences and specializations.

Newest technology

Use Aware’s signature data platform -- with a streaming dashboard of real-time biomarkers covering social behavior, physical activity, cognitive functioning, and more -- to identify between-session changes in client symptoms and deliver more targeted treatment.

Offloaded admin

Offload your billing/claims, scheduling, and paperwork to our admin team, and streamline your charting with our free EHR, so you can focus on treating your clients.

Flexible hours

Set a schedule that works for you with no minimum hour commitments, and the ability to leave the network at any time if you decide it’s not the right fit.

Supportive community

Join a network of world-class therapists committed to supporting each other in delivering the next generation of care via peer consultation, discussion boards, and more.


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Are there any costs to joining the Aware network?

No, being a member of the Aware network is completely free to all providers.

How many clients should I expect?

You can see as many or as few clients with Aware as you would like.

How many hours per week am I required to work?

You have full control over your schedule. There are no minimum hour requirements.

How will I be paid?

Aware will pay you directly so that you can get our higher reimbursement rates.

What is the reimbursement rate?

This varies by license type and location. For more specific information, complete the “Get Started” form and we’ll reach out to you within 24 hours.

Do I have to submit claims?

You will not have to submit any claims. We handle all of the billing and submitting of claims on your behalf.

What kind of EHR is used?

We are building our own EHR that is connected to all of our tools so that providers won’t have to go to multiple places to document.

Can I work for other telehealth companies?

Yes, you are welcome to work for other telehealth companies or in-person clinics/companies.

What if I want to leave Aware?

There is absolutely no time commitment to joining the network. You are free to leave at any time.

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